How to change oil on a montessa 315r


Specified transmission oil: ELF HTX740
Oil is a major factor effecting the performance and service life of the transmission. Non-detergent, vegetable, or castor based racing oils are not recommended.
Oil Change
Change the transmission oil with the engine warm. Support the machine upright to assure complete and rapid draining.
1. Remove the oil filler cap
2. Place an oil drain pan under the engine and remove the drain bolt.
3. After the oil has completely drained, make sure that the sealing washer is in good condition and reinstall the drain bolt. Tighten the drain bolt to the specified torque.
4. Pour the specified transmission oil slowly through the oil filler hole.
5. Install the oil filler cap

22 Nm (2.2kgfm – 16 lbf/ft)
520ml at draining
550ml at disassembly

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